Month: August 2010

Oh, how time marches on

I went to a friend’s wedding, Nathan, in Birmingham this weekend. It was very surreal. His mom, Ginny, and my mom have been friends since almost before we were born. I’ve grown up with him, he’s almost like my little brother. The thought of Nathan married still has not clicked.

But anyway, Chris and Julia drove up from Valdosta and met the rest of our family at the hotel in Birmingham. We went for a walk (actually we went on an unsuccessful search for places to eat within walking distance, but going on a walk sounds much more sophisticated :]). So we went back to the hotel and drove to a shopping district, where mom found a Greek restaurant for us to try out. It was soooo yummy. I had hummus with lamb and rice and pita bread :).

The wedding was simple, but really sweet. They had it outside, in the Botanical Gardens. I think my internal temperature gauge is off somehow. I’m always bringing jackets with me in the middle of the summer and wearing t-shirts in the dead of winter; at the wedding, while everyone was grumbling about the blistering heat, I was quite comfortable. Oh well, I suppose I’m a typical woman….never satisfied! 😉

After the reception, Nathan and Emily headed off on their honeymoon (I still can’t believe he’s married!!), Chris and Julia headed back to Albany, and my family went to visit with the Roberts’. The last time I was there was several years ago, and Abby (their daughter) was a rough-and-tumble little girl who was always playing with her and my brothers, and I was left listening to the grown-ups or reading magazines. It was very strange, then, to find that this time, Abby had morphed into a confident, self-assured young woman, and wonderful company, to boot. She was definitely lots of fun…

I would describe the drive back to Albany but, considering that the majority of it consisted of most of the passengers in the car sleeping, with a few gas stops to liven the trip, I think it’s a fair guess to say that it would probably bore you :). So, I’m going to log out and get some shut-eye, instead.

Check out pictures from this weekend here.

P.S. I leave for Spain in 9 days!!!! Yikes!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Spontaneity: the anti-drug

I had the most exciting weekend last weekend. I would have written about it earlier – I know I’ve been rather silent throughout the month of August – but I’ve been busy writing applications for graduate school. Doesn’t that sound exciting?? 🙂

Anyway, as any of you guys who read my blog know, Thursday nights were always dance night at Wicked Westie when I lived in Atlanta. Well, last Thursday, around 2:30, I decided that I was dying to dance, and really wanted to go to Wicked Westie. And so I did. I was in the car, on my way to the city, by 3:15. I got there right in time for the lesson, and then grabbed a bite to eat before the dance started. It was so incredibly exhilarating!!!! I did not have any plans when I left for Atlanta – I did not know who I would be staying with, I did not know what I would be doing during the day, or how long I would be there….nothing. To a planner such as myself, it was scary, crazy…..and totally exhilarating. To be fair, I still like to have a general idea of what’s going on in my life – schedules and lists are a wonderful thing :). But, I also realized that there is something wonderfully freeing in being able to just throw some things in a bag, jump in the car, and leave at the drop of a hat. I had to work out the details of my trip on the way up to Atlanta (it’s a 3-hour drive, I had plenty of time :]), and all of the friends that I talked to on the trip noticed how….how shall I put this?….flat-out giddy I was on the phone. Acting completely spontaneously and out of character was unnerving, for sure…..but also, soooo much fun. I am so glad I did it :).

The dance on Thursday was an absolute blast. I made the advanced lesson, which was lots of fun and very interesting. It also happened to be a Jack and Jill night, so I competed again. It was far less scary this time, but no less fun :). They also did a “birthday bash” dance for everyone who had a birthday in August, which was alot of fun.

The dance ended around 11:30. And of course, I went to bed afterwards, right? Wrong :). I met up with some friends (David, Jonathan, and Jessica) in the intramural soccer fields of Mercer University. And just what were we doing there, you might ask? We were watching the Perseid meteor shower :). We had to sweet-talk a campus cop into letting us park our cars in the deserted parking lot. According to David, I was far more sweet- and innocent-looking than he, and so far more likely to be answered in the the affirmative, and so the lot fell to me. But I succeeded, and so we tramped out to the middle of the field, armed with bottles of water, blankets, and an iPod. We lay on the blankets, watching the stars, often punctuating the silence with talking or laughter, and occasionally with trips to the cars to retrieve a forgotten artifact, or random dances accompanied by the lilting strains of the iPod. Finally, around 3:00, we decided that it would probably not be the best idea in the world to spend the entire night in the middle of the Mercer soccer fields, and so we called it a night.

The next day, Friday, was Jessica’s birthday. Since she had to work, I got up early and drove her there, so we wouldn’t have to take the 2-hour bus commute. That’s just an icky thing to have to do on your birthday :). After I dropped her off, I met up again with David. We were supposed to go on a jaunt to a specific store he had found earlier to take some pictures; it turned into more of a joyride / battle against the tricky Mapquest / occasional random stop on the side of the highway to take pictures. It was epic :). We eventually did find the store he was looking for, a quaint little mountain-music instrument shop. And, after finally finding said shop, we <>, indeed, snap the highly sought-after pictures. But the destination was far more fun than the drive :).

In the afternoon, I picked up Jonathan from the apartment and Jessica from work, and the three of us met David for tea. It was David’s idea, and I couldn’t have been more proud of him!! 🙂 The place was called Tahcha Tea House, and they not only had good tea, but also comfy couches (which we all happily utilized) and coloring books (which David and I happily utilized, while Jonathan and Jessica laughed at us :D). Although, I must say, the coloring would not have been possible had not Jessica happened to carry crayons with her in her purse all of the time. She is officially my hero for that :).

After tea, we parted ways, and I went onto the Swustle dance. I had also gone to the Swustle dance in July, with my friend Lindsey. She and I had come up to Atlanta for a workshop, and then gone to the dance and an afterparty with some of my friends. This time it was not quite as exciting – apparently there was another big dance the same night that alot of my friends went to, instead. But I still got to dance, and I had a blast, nonetheless. Some of my friends <> there – including Philip, who made an offhanded comment to me, saying that he thinks I could easily be a pro dancer if I worked at it, because I already have the natural gifting. That absolutely made my month :).

Saturday morning I spent with Katrina, helping her settle into her new place. I spent the afternoon with some old friends from school, Wade and Oscar. We went to Little Five Points, some weird novelty store whose name is escaping me right now, and tried to eat at the Vortex, but were scared away by the wait, and so elected to go to Mellow Mushroom, instead. Back at his apartment, Oscar gave me some tres leches cake that he had made (a latino dessert) that was superrrr good….it’s one of my favorite desserts, and he makes it very well :).

It was rather sad driving back to Albany at the end of that weekend – which was no doubt compounded by the gloomy weather and extreme sleep deprivation (I have discovered that Atlanta turns me into a night owl – I didn’t go to sleep before 2 am the entire weekend :]). But I just so grateful that I did it!! It’s so easy for me to get into my comfortable schedule and never do anything new. Even if it’s a difficult schedule that wears me out, I sometimes seem to prefer that to the unknown of the unplanned. So if felt really good to break that mold and just… Something. Anything. No plans. Just live life. It was thoroughly exhilarating, to say the least :).