About me

Hey there!  I’m Lauren – enthusiastic dancer, part time writer, full-time life enthusiast.  I think that good grammar is sexy, and a properly used adverb gives me far more pleasure than I care to admit.  Mascots are terrifying.   I cook when I’m stressed.  I’m convinced that eyelash curlers were actually some strange instrument of torture in a previous life.  I’m a study in contrasts – scared of heights but a skydiver, introverted but always hosting parties, a tomboy who’s been in pageants, a homebody with an insatiable travel itch.  When I can’t actually leave the city or country, at the very least I do my best to explore wherever I am.  Like the literary adventurer Sinbad, I can’t sit still for very long, but must always be discovering something.  Thanks for coming along with me on the adventure!