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Thanksgiving 2013

Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do ever.  And around holidays it’s even better.  And this holiday season….for some reason, this holiday is even better than normal.  I have had such a sense of anticipation and excitement at the thought of seeing my family this year.  Perhaps it’s because last year was so darn difficult; this is a nice contrast.  Perhaps it’s because 2 years ago I missed being with my family because I was in Korea.  Perhaps it’s because this year we got to celebrate Matt’s blessing ceremony on top of the usual festivities.  Whatever the reason….the past few weeks have been simply laced with excitement and anticipation.

The highlight of family visits was definitely Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.  While Georgia Tech only gives Thursday and Friday off, I was able to work out my schedule so that I had nearly a week off.  It took me nearly killing myself the 3 weeks prior, but the time off with my family made it worth it.  Although I must admit…I felt somewhat like Martha Stewart with all the baking I did while I was home.  Sugared peanuts, chocolate pecan pie, apple pie, fruitcake, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole….the list goes on, but I’m getting hungry, so I’ll stop :).
We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, but the real Thanksgiving day was on Friday afternoon, when Chris and Julia and her parents came into town.  We haven’t all been together in a very long time, and it was really nice to get to see my Chris.  He only lives a few minutes away from me…I wish I could see him and Julia more often.  But the time we did have together was wonderful :).

Thanksgiving weekend was rounded out with Matt’s blessing ceremony.  It’s a coming of age ceremony, something my parents have done for all the kids; the best way that I can describe it is a Christianized version of a Jewish bar mitzvah.  Family and friends from all over came to celebrate Matt and speak blessings into his life.  It only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was sooo, so special.  I missed Josh’s ceremony because I was in Korea, and I was so grateful to be able to be there for Matt’s.

If you’re interested in watching the ceremony, I took a recording of it; you can watch it by following this link: .