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Ice-sweeping and treeline-soaring

My zest for adventure and learning new things sometimes takes me to unexpected places.  For example, when the owner of Wicked Westie hosted a curling event for all of his volunteers, I was all for it (after my initial scoffing, at least).  The only thing I knew about curling was that it was that sport in the winter Olympics that everyone makes fun of – something about sweeping ice to make a stone slide faster, right?  But I’m always up for learning new things, and so I gave it a shot.  Turns out that curling is a lot more than that.  Like every new skill I am introduced to, I left with a much deeper appreciation of the skill required by professional curlers…a skill that makes something that’s actually quite difficult look effortless.

In some ways, I feel like learning how to curl is like learning how to drive a manual car.  Every limb is doing something different, and none of it feels natural.  You push off with your right foot, and balance with your left arm, aim and thrust a 42 pound curling stone with your right hand, all while balancing on your left foot on a piece of Teflon designed for reduced friction on the ice.  It was…tricky, to say the least.  I would be surprised if anyone in the entire group of 30+ people didn’t end up wiping out on the ice at least once during the course of the night.

But surprisingly….curling is also really darn fun.  If I didn’t have something else going on almost every other night of the week, I would have seriously considered joining the league.  I guess I’ll have to stop making fun of the curling matches I see in the winter Olympics, lol… 🙂

My other big adventure lately took me to the trees of rural Georgia, on the longest canopy zipline in the world.  For Christmas last year, my parents bought a family ziplining package for all of us to enjoy together – complete with matching shirts for “The Fabulous Fenners – Superheroes in disguise.”  It was a fantastic gift.  The ziplines and rope bridges were fun – and it was definitely a blast to see different members of my family navigating the tree-top courses.  And there was a fantastic lodge with an incredible view that we got to enjoy when we finished the zipline course.  But the real enjoyment, for me, came from just being together.  We spent the night in a nearby cabin, so we didn’t have to worry about any event or deadlines or expectations…we were just together.  We went on walks and played board games and read books and watched a movie and talked and laughed…it was just a really special time.  Sadly, Chris had a job that came up last-minute, so he wasn’t able to make it, but we know that he was there in spirit!  Mom and dad are already planning on what to do next year – which is awesome!  Good memories are a much better gift that some random item picked up from the store out of obligation instead of interest :).  Already looking forward to the next Fabulous Fenner outing!