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People who dance

People who dance have an aura about them that is found among few other people.  They have the ability to walk into a crowded room and be instant friends with everyone there.  In fact, people who dance don’t even need to share the same language – they can have whole conversations with each other without ever uttering a word. 

People who dance stay up all night, not to welcome the sun, but rather because they simply can’t go to bed when there’s good music playing.  People who dance simply can’t let a good song go without moving their feet.  And so they stay in hotels, even when they live in the same city, just so that they can get a few more songs in without having to drive home. 
People who dance are often called obsessed by people who don’t.  But people who dance prefer the term passionate.  People who dance are passionate about life, passionate about their friends and family, and passionate about dance.  People who dance spend inordinate amounts of money and time pursuing their passion.  They take private lessons, go to workshops, and travel to distant cities, all for the sake of exercising their twinkling toes.
People who dance refuse to let their lives pass them by while they sit on the sidelines and watch.  They have chosen to be active participants in this thing that we call life.  This I know…because I am one of those people.
So anyway, I went to a dance weekend (Grand Nationals Dance Competition) in Atlanta a few weeks ago…check out some pictures below!  I probably averaged about 13 hours of dancing every day – it was great!!  Highlights would definitely be meeting awesome people from around the world (and getting to spend more time with my friends from Atlanta!), and entering the Jack and Jill competition.  I was the first alternate for making finals – missed it by one point.  Dang.  Buttttt….Kellese Key, one of the pro instructors, complimented me the next day, saying that she remembered me from the competition and that I had done really well.  That was enough for me!  I can place in finals next time… 😉