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Well orientation continues to clip along at an astonishing rate.  Now that Camp Fulbright is over, we’re back to workshops every afternoon.  This week’s workshops were mostly cultural workshops, although the one on Friday was a series of mini-workshops run by some of my fellow ETAs about different aspects of teaching that they have had experience in – classroom management, creating a lesson plan, incorporating games, etc.  It was very interesting; I really enjoyed hearing tips from my peers and friends.

It’s also been a rather exciting week for me physically, although not one that I particularly would want to ever repeat.  I’ve had a cough all week, but it hasn’t really affected my energy levels too much.  But then on Wednesday, I randomly lost my voice.  I felt fine, but you would have never guessed that from hearing me.  I went from sounding like a dying frog to a terrified mice to a strange mixture of the two of them.  By the end of the day, I had no voice at all.

So then on Thursday, my voice came back, but my stomach checked out.  I woke up fine and went to class at 9 like any other day.  But by 9:15, I was curled up in a fetal position on the bathroom floor.  I had chills, and cramps, and nausea, and all sorts of other fun symptoms.  Sooo….I got to experience a Korean hospital first-hand!  I have to say, they are not any more fun than American hospitals.  They ARE, however, much more affordable, and far more efficient – I got an abdominal X-ray, prescription medicine, spoke with the doctor, AND a shot of steroids, all within an hour – for about $35!!  Needless to say, I was rather impressed.  Plus, I’ve decided that steroids are AWESOME….after getting my shot, I felt like I could have run a marathon!! 🙂  It was pretty scary, though.  It wasn’t simply the fact that I got sick – I’ve been sick plenty of times before.  But it was the intensity and rapidity with which it came on that was so frightening.  But it’s now Sunday morning and I haven’t had any other strange health issues, so I’m hoping it was just a strange fluke.

Let’s see, what else happened this week….oh, my little morning Bible study is growing.  There are now 3 of us who meet together every morning.  And our new member doesn’t have a roommate, so we get to go to her room and have a pajama party every morning!  It’s been such an encouragement :).

Yesterday I went to an archery range.  I got several bull’s eyes, and almost all of the arrows on the target.  It was amazing how much my shooting improved once I learned how to hold the arrow and shoot properly, lol.  After we shot, there was a demonstration by 4 archery masters.  They used traditional Korean bows (made out of cow horns and sinews!), and shot at targets so far away we couldn’t even tell if they hit it – a light went on if they did, that’s the only way we knew.  They hit it almost every time.  It was incredible.

The whole group

Do you see the arrow in the picture??  Sweet picture…. 🙂

I shot all of the arrows in the yellow!! 🙂

One of the masters….the targets are almost 400 feet away!

Coming back to school, myself and a few other ETAs took the scenic route home.  We found this little path by the river that runs through Goesan, and then followed a trail up a little hill that looked over the entire city.  It was lovely.  At the bottom of the hill, we came across a living history museum of a traditional Korean home, so we walked through it a little bit and explored. It was really cool.

View of Goesan from above

The entrance to the traditional Korean home

I love the architectural lines!!
Kimchi pots

Saturday night my whole class took our teachers out to dinner.  We had samgyeopsal and patbingsu and went out for drinks afterward.  I’m assuming they probably went to sing karaoke after that, but myself and another classmate of mine who also doesn’t drink bowed out midway through the visit to the bar.  But it was a very fun night – my teachers are AMAZING!!! – and a great end to a hard week.  I also came home to find a care package on my door from a fellow ETA.  She heard I had been sick, and so she gave me oatmeal and medicine and a sweet little note to make me feel better.  It completely made my night – I felt so loved!! 🙂

Teacher #1

Teacher #2

My teachers are AWESOME! 🙂

Well, all work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Lauren fail her final.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve learned enough Korean to have a final in it, but I do – this Wednesday!  Today’s going to be a solid studying day….wish me luck!!