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Hwacheon Ice Festival

The day after my English camp ended, I found myself on a bus, headed back up to Hwacheon.  This time, however, the occasion was not Sarah’s birthday, but rather the Sancheoneo Ice Festival….and to see my dear friends Leora and Frank, of course (Sarah and Adam weren’t there).  Leora and Frank met me in Chuncehon, and we had some of their famous ddalk-galbi for dinner (meat and rice cakes and cabbage all grilled together into a spicy, delectable mess), and then took the 45-minute bus up to Hwacheon together.

The next day, Sunday, was festival day!  We went sledding on traditional Korean sleds, and posed with the ice sculptures, and went through a lighted ice tunnel (that was COOL!), and went inner tubing down a big snowy hill (5 times!), and basically did all things icy and snowy as possible.  As an added bonus, Leora and Frank even went zip-lining, but by then my toes were frozen and my fear of heights was kicking in, so I elected to stay on the ground and cheer them on.

We went back to the house in the late afternoon to thaw out, but evening found us back at the festival to enjoy the night life!  They had ice sculptures and wooden carving displays and lights and we saw it all….as an added bonus, for free, because Sarah’s host father runs the display and let us in.  He even gave us a personal tour! 🙂  He even invited us back to his house that evening, so we spent the night with them.  Even without Sarah, it was really nice to get to catch up with her wonderful host family.  Next stop…India!!