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Relaxing and counting my blessings

This weekend marks the first weekend that I’ve stayed in Gyeongju – except for the weekend that I moved – in nearly 2 months.  I cannot even begin to express to you how excited I was to not be catching a bus or a train or a taxi this weekend.  Nevertheless, I found things to do, as always.  Saturday morning I went over to Harry’s house and helped him decorate his house for Christmas.  It was a little sad – Christmas decorations are not particularly easy to find in Korea, resulting in a rather small pathetic little pile of decorations.  But we played Christmas music and wore a Santa hat and did what we could, and still had a joyous time.

Saturday night I went to a party.  It was the first time I’ve been out among the foreign population in ages.  It was good to get out.  They catered dinner – and it was wonderful! – and I got to catch up with some people that I hadn’t seen in a while, and all in all it was just a nice relaxing evening.  I was one of the first ones to leave because I had to get up super early to Skype with my family the next day, but it was still a lot of fun.

I had to get up so early because my brother Josh’s blessing ceremony was at 5:30 am on Sunday morning my time, and I was able to Skype into the ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Definitely bittersweet on my end, because I so wanted to be there in person, but in the end I’m just grateful for technology that allowed me to be there at all.

Josh’s blessing ceremony has got me thinking of all of the blessings I have in my life.  Actually, it had me throwing a pity-party because everyone else in my family was together and I couldn’t be there…but I decided that that wasn’t a good attitude to have about it, so I’m trying to adopt a different perspective.  So here goes – some of the things that I’m grateful for.  I suppose during this season of family and thankfulness this is a fitting way to end this post.

I’m thankful, first and foremost, for my Lord and Savior.  He has blessed me – and stretched me as well – in ways that I would have never imagined, nor could have ever planned for myself.  No matter where my life ends up, I know for a fact that Jeremiah 29:11 is true, and that He WILL take care of me.

I’m thankful for my family.  Whenever I get into one of those self-pitying moods, I have to remind myself that the reason I’m so upset is also the very reason why I’m so blessed.  So many people don’t have families that they’re crazy about.  So many people don’t want to go home.  The fact that that’s not the case with me is one of the greatest blessings that I will ever have in my life.

I’m thankful for the opportunities that God has given me.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I suffer from a severe case of “grass is always greener” syndrome.  I miss being home and comfortable – but God has given me an incredible opportunity to see things this year that most people will never have in their entire lifetime.  It’s an experience that I never thought I would have, and it’s one that I would do well to remember what a wonderful chance it truly is.

I’m thankful for my friends.  On a day like today, they also make me sad, because most of them are so very very far away from me.  But again, God has been reminding me that He has given me companionship all over the world.  No matter where my wanderings have taken me, He’s led me to people that will uplift me and challenge me.  What a blessing that has been.

I could go on, but the night grows long, and I still have much to do.  But above all, I want to remember what God has done for me.  It’s hard to be depressed when you sit down and really count your blessings.