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Gumi orphanage Christmas party

I went to Gumi last Saturday.  Arriving in the city, it made me think of what the ancients said about Bethlehem – nothing good ever comes out of Bethlehem.  Gumi is a dirty industrial city, marked by chugging machinery, freight trains that stretch on for miles, and belching smokestacks.  But just like the ancients were wrong about Bethlehem, beauty can be found in Gumi, as well.

The reason that I went was to participate in the annual KKOOM Christmas party.  KKOOM, or Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission, was started by a bunch of Fulbrighters a few years ago.  Every year they host a Christmas party for the orphans in Gumi, and I decided to participate.  So I was assigned 3 children to buy gifts for, and then I made the treck to Gumi and helped out with the festivities all day.

My station was the arts and crafts / snack station which, I must say, was the best station of all :).  I got to play kids’ faces and hug and play with them all afternoon.  Then in the evening after dinner, we had a human decorating contest and handed out the presents.  Some of us went out to a bar after the kids were in bed, but we didn’t stay out long.  We had all had a long day, and several of us – myself included had volunteered to wake up early to make breakfast for the kids in the morning.

4:45 came darn early, but I enjoyed every minute of making breakfast.  I did not enjoy the trip home, but as I’m trying not to remember the bad stuff, let’s just say that I had….difficulties with the public transportation.  I was glad to finally be home again – 5 hours after I started my 1 1/2 long journey.

In other news, I’ve started to have “last days” with my classes.  Check out the pictures of some of my favorite classes – as well as what one of them wrote on the board for me before class started.  Yeah, I was bawling :).

I’ll be home for Christmas in 9 days!!!

What greeted me when I walked into class last week…로렌 is Lauren in Korean

Some of my favorite classes.

Gumi Christmas party….yay for seeing friends!! 🙂

Face-painting!!  I got the best job ever…

They decided that I needed to be painted, too.

I have no idea….I think Sarah was the reindeer and Adam was Santa…

The kids got to decorate the ETAs!  It took the boys some coaxing, but they finally warmed up and really got into it 🙂

ETA performances

Kid performances
One of the little girls that I bought gifts for… 🙂

Making breakfast at wayyyy too early in the morning….for 150 people.  Oh yeah, fun times 🙂