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MLK, markets in banks, and big tests

Today was a great day. I’m almost finished reading all of my constitutions, which is quite exciting. I’m finally starting to figure out what I’m looking for; it’s going alot quicker now :). Next week I get to delve into more details and source variation; I’m kinda excited about that….

So anyway, we only worked a half day today, and then all of the interns got to go on a field trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Museum. I’m not sure why we did – it has no relevance at all to the program. But, regardless of the reason, I’m glad we did. We spent over 3 hours there, but I could have spent all day there. I’m definitely planning on going back on my own before I leave. It’s an incredible commemoration of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. It also has a little side room dedicated to unsung heroes of the holocaust. Both exhibits were very hard to experience, but necessary. I’m so glad I went. I stumbled across this song after I got back from the museum. Please listen to it; it’s very poignant.

As I was coming back from the museum, I was walking with another intern from the program. She walked past the entrance to our building, going towards the Wachovia bank on the other side. I was done working for the day, so I figured I’d keep walking with her and keep her company. We walked into the lobby of the bank, but then I realized she was not headed for the bank at all. There was a little farmer’s market there in the middle of the bank! It has fruits, and vegetables, drinks, snacks, spices, etc, all for really good prices. Quite unexpected, but a delightful little find. Looks like I’ll be doing some of my grocery shopping in the bank next time… 🙂

Well, my GMAT test is tomorrow. I’m not studying for it anymore. I refuse, I’m going on strike. I think my studying has plateaued, anyway; I’m not seeing any improvement in my test scores at this point. So I’m going to a swing dance at Georgia Tech tonight for a few hours, and then getting to bed early. I’m quite excited about both of those things, actually; it should be quite excellent… 🙂

Well, I should go get ready to go. Au revoir for now! Oh, and I want to thank you to everyone who is actually reading this! It’s nice to know I’m not just talking to myself when I write these blogs… 🙂