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The gem of Albany

People who say that there’s nothing to do in Albany really just haven’t looked hard enough.  I often say that boredom is simply a lack of creativity, and that statement is applicable even if you’re living in a small town like Albany.

Case in point: the Radium Springs park.  I found this beautiful gem nestled on the outskirts of the city a few weeks ago.  I could give you directions to it, but couldn’t include any nearby landmarks, as there is really nothing of note anywhere in the vicinity.  You are driving along, passing old houses and country roads, and then out of nowhere, you see a huge white fence – the entrance to my new favorite place in Albany.

Landscaped gardens, beautiful winding footpaths, majestic trees, whispering water running from Georgia’s largest natural spring…walking into the Radium Springs park felt like stepping into another world.  The remains of the historic 1920’s casino that used to be one of the main revenue generators in Albany only serve to add to the general allure.

I sat there, imagining the bustling business, the patrons lounging on the deck or frolicking in the water or strolling the grounds, and just drank it all in.  It was so peaceful and beautiful and relaxing and…in a world, wonderful.  I’m firmly of the opinion that anyone experiencing writer’s block or artist’s block or any other kind of block can come to Radium Springs and get a quick jolt of rejuvenation.  It’s just that lovely a place.  And while you’re at it, bring a picnic lunch.  And a book.  And maybe even a frisbee or a football :).

My friend James, who introduced me to the park