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The beginning of the end

Hello, all! Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything, so this post will have to sum up the entire past week. Sorry if it gets really long…I’ve been going nonstop!! I want to squeeze absolutely everything I can into my last few days – there’s only 1 week left for me here after the end of this weekend. I tell myself that I keep so busy because I only have a very finite time left in Atlanta; but honestly, I doubt the validity of that statement. I’m pretty sure Atlanta would be just as exciting and my schedule would be just as full if I was here 7 weeks, or 7 months, or even 7 years.

But anyway, I digress…. I hung out with Julia again on Tuesday, and then ate dinner with her, Jonathan and Jessica, and then went and played Ultimate Frisbee again, like last week. It seems to be becoming a tradition with us…but I have just long enough to make the tradition, and then I have to leave the city :(. [I apologize for my morose tone today…I only have a few days left in Atlanta, and it’s starting to get to me 🙂 ]

Before dinner, Julia and I went thrift store hunting around Ponce de Leon street. I wouldn’t call it shopping, because we didn’t buy anything, and we were really looking for the stores themselves, not any particular item in the store. But we found some exciting stores, as well as treasures within them. The last one we went to, an old antique store, was my favorite. It was absolutely jam-packed full of old treasures – shoes, fans, TV’s, couches, pictures, fondue dishes….you name it, it was there. There was a second floor that had a small window in it looking down into the first floor. That was really cool; you could look down and survey the treasure trove and all of the people milling around it from above. I found a pair of beautiful flats that instantly made me think of Cinderella’s slippers. They were lovely, and fit me perfectly….the woman who owned them said I was the first person in months with feet actually small enough to wear them. I was too cheap to actually buy them – they were $35 – but I did make an important discovery. I need to start looking for shoes in antique stores. Apparently people’s feet used to be smaller. I’ve never seen so many shoes in one store that were actually too SMALL for me :).

Well, after our antique store romp, I had Johnathan and Jessica and Julia over, and we made dinner before our Ultimate Frisbee excitement. It was quite good. I made a pan-fried steak in a creamy mushroom sauce concoction and cheesy buttery mashed potatoes, Julia made a white chocolate and strawberry pudding dessert, and Johnathan and Jessica brought a yummie salad. They asked me what I had made, and I told them a Lauren Special. My experiments in the kitchen generally turn out quite well, but I can never tell you what I did – I just throw random ingredients together, lol :).

After dinner, Julia was craving coffee, so we walked down to the Starbucks in the GA Tech square (which also happens to be located a Barnes and Noble!). So Julia got her coffee, and then we all walked around the books for a while. It was excellent to be surrounded by fellow book lovers. We had quite a fun time looking at the title of some of those books…. :D. At 8, we went to play frisbee, which was a great romp, as usual….

Wednesday was an excellent and awful day all at once. Mostly excellent, though. We had to do pictures for my internship’s website in the morning, so I had to get all dressed up in my formal business attire. As much as I hate wearing tights, I now realize why I always do with that outfit. I forgot to bring tights with me from home, so I just slipped my bare feet in my heels on the way out the door. They had rubbed my ankles raw and bleeding by lunchtime. I also have huge blisters all over the backs of my ankles. It was pretty bad :(.

But that’s the extent of the awfulness, now onto the excellence. I ate lunch with Alan again; we went to a little hole-in-the-wall deli called Reuben’s. After getting our food we took it outside and ate while talking and people-watching and listening to the curb-side singer who was right next to us and enjoying the breeze. In the evening I met up with another friend, David, who had just gotten back from several weeks in Europe. We went to a tapas restaurant called Pura Vida (pure life). It was really cool…here’s the website: Oh, and for those of you who don’t know what tapas are, here’s a brief overview (gotta love Wikipedia! :]): We got 2 tapas: one with King crab that was really acidic and I didn’t much care for, and one with coconut-marinated goat meat – that one was really good. I feel rather proud of myself that I can now say I’ve had goat meat :). Afterwards, we went to Steak ‘n Shake to get milkshakes, and he showed me all of his pictures from his trip. It was great to catch up with him :).

Thursday night was such a trip!! I went to Wicked Westie, as usual. This dance, however, was special. They had a Jack and Jill competition. For those of you who don’t know, a Jack and Jill is a competition is which you enter as an individual, not a couple; then, you are randomly paired, and have to dance to 2 songs, a fast and a slow one, completely on the fly. So the day before, while we were eating lunch, Alan had asked me if I was planning on doing the Jack and Jill. I’ve never competed before, and the thought of doing it completely improv was really nerve-racking to me. But the more I thought about it over the course of the next day, the more I thought I wanted to do it. I almost chickened out right before I left for the dance, but my friend Lindsey used my words against me. I told her about my apprehensions, and she reminded me of what I had written earlier about grabbing life by the horns. I hate it when people use my logic against me, lol ;).

But anyway, I did it, and it was proven to me once again that life is always better when you don’t shy away from challenges. It was so much fun!! We didn’t win…but then, I wasn’t expecting to. We did, however, place second, I think (the voting was by audience applause, so it was a little hard to tell :]), and in addition, I got to say that I’ve competed in a Jack and Jill, something I’ve always wanted to do. And I have photographic evidence, too! Check out these pictures someone took during the competition:

Alright, now I’ve finally made it to Friday! Whew! The interns got to go on a field trip to see the Federal bank of Atlanta. That was really cool. I learned alot, and it was very interactive. I also got to see 5 million dollars in $5 bills, which was exciting. They didn’t let me take any pictures, but they did give me a bag of shredded money as a souvenir…not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it looks neat :).

After work, myself and another one of the interns, Naomi, went to Shakespeare’s Tavern to see Hamlet the Musical. It was a musical adaptation of Hamlet, with a modern twist. Pretty cool idea, and the actors were brilliant, as always. We also got to see it for free, which was excellent. If you volunteer to bus tables at the Tavern, you get free admission and discounted food. So I got to see a great play and eat a really tasty “king’s supper sandwich” – Succulent slices of pork loin stuffed with apricots and prunes, roasted with herbs and served on a crusty baguette with rosemary butter, served with a mixed green salad – for under $10. Oh, and I also had peach cheescake, too, mmmm….. 😀

Well, it was about 11:00 before I got back to my apartment. I noticed I had a missed call from some friends of mine from college who graduated last year, Wade and Oscar. I called them back to see what they wanted; apparently they had been in my area of Atlanta and had wanted to hang out. But since I missed them, they asked me to come hang out with them at their place instead. It was late and I was tired, but for some reason I agreed. I hadn’t seen them in forever, and besides, I was feeling the desire to be spontaneous. Having lots of things planned is all well and good, but I need something to mix it up every now and then :).

So anyway, I went, and it was great. We hung out and talked for a while. We watched the end of a movie that they were in the middle of when I got there. We made blueberry pancakes when they got hungry. We talked to Oscar’s girlfriend for a while on Skype :). Finally, after trying to leave several times and continually getting distracted by the next topic of conversation, I firmly told them that I needed to leave – at 4:30 in the morning. I didn’t crawl into bed until after 5.

I had to get up only a few hours later, however, because I was meeting up with Matt, my boss and friend at Berry. He was in Atlanta visiting his girlfriend, so we went to lunch at Atlantic Station Grill. It was nice to see him and catch up with him, even if it was just for a few hours. In the afternoon I went to a pool party / cookout with some of the interns. We brought fruit and chips and drinks and made hotdogs and went swimming and listened to indie music on a portable mp3 player and had an altogether jolly time. I haven’t really hung out with any of the interns much this summer, it was fun to get to spend some time with them :).

I spent the evening at the Mellott’s house, old friends of ours from Americus. I used to babysit their daughter, Priya, when we lived there. She was like 6 or 7 years old. Now she’s in 6th grade, and has a 2-year-old sister (who’s just as adorable as she was when she was little). It’s so crazy how fast times goes by!! So we spent the evening eating Indian food and reminiscing. It was alot of fun. As much as I would love to go into more detail, I can feel my brain turning to cotton and my eyelids to lead. Apparently I don’t function well on 4 hours of sleep :). So, I’m going to say so long, farwell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…..until mañana!