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A weekend with J&T

I spent last weekend in Seoul, at a West Coast Swing workshop with Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman, affectionately known by their admirers as J&T.  Jordan and Tatiana are the undisputed best WCS dancers….in the world.  They’ve won the US OPEN young adult championship once, US OPEN classic 8 years out of 11, USA Grand nationals 4 out of 5 years,  were named dance couple of the year 5 years in a row….the list goes on, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I took a bus up to Seoul after my first day of school on Friday (more on that in the next blog), and went straight from the bus terminal to the dance.  The next three days that followed were a whirlwind of dancing, occasional sleeping, and making lots of new friends.  I also was able to go to church Sunday morning before the workshops started, which was really good for me.

So yeah, I’d tell you all of the details, but I fear that they would bore you and start to become very repetitive.  Basically, the outline goes something like this: Friday night – open dancing from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am, then headed back to my hostel, checked in, and went to bed around 2:00.  Saturday: woke up around 10:00, did my Bible study, then met up with some friends for lunch before the workshops started.  Workshops from 2:00-7:30 pm, a quick dinner, then open dancing from 8:30 pm to 1:00 am again.  Sunday morning I got up earlier, around 8:00, so that I could Skype with my family and make it to church on time.  Then more workshops, from 2:00-6:30, after which I left and went directly to the bus station to head back to Gyeongju.  Got home around midnight, tossed my stuff on the floor, and promptly passed out.  It may sound awful to you….but it was absolute heaven for me.

Highlights of the weekend include: seeing Jae and John again, my Korean-American friends from Seoul.  Seeing J&T perform their most recent championship dance live!  Meeting Chloe, a French girl who speaks perfect English with an American accent (don’t know how THAT one happened! :]), lives in China, and is dating one of the top WCS dancers in the world.  Getting to dance a full three and a half minute song with Jordan Frisbee himself – EEEKKK!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Meeting a bunch of people from Singapore, who were really awesome and fun (and amazing dancers, to boot!), and I have now decided that a trip to Singapore is a must in my not-too-distant future.

It was a lovely, much-needed and long-anticipated weekend in which I learned a lot, and made tons of new friends and memories.  I must say, though, it’s probably a good thing that events like that don’t happen every weekend – such sleep deprivation and sheer exhaustion come Sunday night is not very conducive to teaching on Monday morning :).  Nor is the cost very friendly to one’s wallet, hehehe…  Anyway, enjoy the video and pictures below!  I’m sorry if the video doesn’t play – I’ve been having some issues with uploading videos recently.  If you can’t see it, suffice it to say that I’ve improved ALOT over the past year :).

Me with Jordan and Tatiana!  Such bliss!! 🙂

The whole class expectantly waiting for J&T’s most recent championship performance

Eugene is the guy on the left, one of the dancers from Singapore.

That’s Chloe on the left, along with some Korean dancers
Me and Ki-ryeong, one of my favorite guys to dance with in all of South Korea <3