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Cheonan and Suwon

I went to Cheonan this weekend to visit my friend Dianna, who taught at my school last year.  It was definitely a long weekend – I spent about 9 hours total on a bus – but it was a lot of fun, too.  So I got there around noon, and after eating lunch with Dianna, the two of us went with another Fulbrighter, Phebe, to see the ancient fortress in Suwon, about an hour away.  Phebe was really excited because the fortress wall is listed as a cultural heritage site or something like that – she kept reminding us that “We’re seeing so much culture!!”  For Dianna and I, who both have extensive experience with Gyeongju, the most historical city in all of Korea, her comments were a little bit laughable.  But it was still a beautiful wall, and I really enjoyed seeing it.  We got there during the day, and stayed until the sun went down, so we got to see the whole range of lighting.  So Dianna took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, and Phebe and I had lots of bonding time to get to know each other :).Sunday morning Dianna and I got up, made breakfast in her apartment, and then headed to church.  It was a great service, uplifting and encouraging, and I always love meeting new people! 🙂  We went to lunch with some of Dianna’s friends from church, plus a newcomer, Ronnie, from Zimbabwe.  ‘Twas a lovely afternoon, indeed.

After getting back from church, Dianna and I made a chocolate pudding in her rice cooker, played a board game while we waited for it to finish, and then I headed back to Gyeongju.  It was, all in all, far too short of a weekend, but I enjoyed it.  One more weekend of traveling, and then hopefully I’ll be done until the end of the semester! 🙂

The fortress during the day….
….and at night
The city of Suwon
I have no idea who they are.  I just thought it was cute 🙂
Dianna, me, Phebe
Some cool, weird-looking statue in the middle of the city.  That’s the extent of my knowledge 🙂
They plant cabbage like flowers.  They do it in Gyeongju, too.  Still trying to figure that one out….
Whisking with chopsticks….gotta love Korea 🙂