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Soccer and dance make a great combo

Soccer and dance – that has pretty much been my life this past week. Oh yes, and I study and go to class every now and then ;). Don’t worry mom, I’m doing fine in school – I got a 98% on my last test. I’m not worried :P.

So anyway, back to my story. Monday night I went to a soccer game with 3 friends, Rodrigo, Lauren, and Dan. It was a blast. Seville has 2 soccer teams, in different divisions – we went to the upper division team, Seville vs. Valencia. I got to use the blanket that my family sent to me when I was sick – it was SOOO cold! I bundled up under my blankie, and was quite toasty…and quite thankful for my wonderful family, as well :). Tuesday and Thursday nights I went to Bachata class. Thursday night I stayed and danced afterwards til around midnight– it was a blast. I’ve never particularly liked latin dancing, but it seems that that was only because I could never find guys who could dance it well. Now that I have, I love it :). One of the guys I danced with invited me to have a drink with him, so we talked for a while, too. He was surprised when I told him I was American – “I noticed a slight accent,” he said, but I thought it was from South America or something.” It made me super happy :D.

Friday I spent all day working on my last research paper – I’ll be traveling the next 3 weekends, and I don’t want to have to worry about it. So I finished that, and then went to a taco party with some kids from school that night. I was told today that I should be a personal assistant or party planner – the person planning this party kinda dropped the ball, so I picked it up this morning and had everything planned by 10:30 am. I suppose it was a nice compliment – but I kinda want to set my sights higher than a personal assistant, lol… Of course the party had alcohol, so I can now say that I’ve been to a “normal” party. I must say I don’t particularly understand the fuss. I wasn’t miserable, but I’ve certainly had wayyyyy more fun at pretty much every party I’ve ever been to that did not have alcohol. But oh well, the tacos were good… 🙂 After the party, we all went to dance. I thought that I was out late when I went dancing until midnight on Thursday. This place didn’t even OPEN until midnight. I finally left around 4:00 am. It was a blast…but the next day I was soooo dead. I slept on and off almost the whole day on Saturday. I dragged myself to an internet café to skype with my family – that was so worth it. I hadn’t talked to them since mom and dad left for Israel – it was so good to see their faces and hear their laughs and catch up with them. Saturday night I went to another Bachata class and dance, but this time I left much earlier. I cannot do 4 am 2 nights in a row – I really can’t do it 1 night, lol…

Oh, I almost forgot my other soccer story!! I found out Thursday afternoon that the World Cup trophy was being displayed in Seville for that day only. So I went with a friend to go see it – 4 hours later, we finally succeeded. I’ve never seen lines like that. It was definitely an experience, I’m glad I did it – but good grief, these people’s fanatacism for soccer is a little over the top, lol. Check out my picture with the world cup here.

Random stories of the week: I went to an old palace, Casa de Pilatos, on Tuesday afternoon. It’s one of the oldest houses of nobility in Seville – it was pretty cool. Although I still stand by my previous statement that beautiful old buildings all start to look the same after a while, lol :). But I also accidentally completed one of Jon’s assignments, so that was neat. On our way to the Casa, I happened to look at a street name and noticed that we were in the Plaza Pescadería, where I was supposed to find the underground Roman ruins. You couldn’t actually go down and see them – there were just big window-like things set into the ground, and you looked down into a little section of the ruins. Nothing too exciting – I wouldn’t have wanted to go out of my way to find them – but it was interesting walking past them and knowing what they were. There was no sort of labeling at all, so if you didn’t know what you were looking at it wouldn’t have made any sense. I also climbed to the top of the Torre de Oro on Friday, when I needed a break from studying, and got a panoramic view of the city. It was way cool. Check out all my most recent pictures here. Sorry this blog has been so choppy and random…I’m having trouble concentrating at the moment :(. Love y’all!