Some of the things I’ve been able to experience so far:

~Skydiving in Georgia
~Zip-lining through the cloud forest in Costa Rica
~Flamenco dancing in the streets in Cáceres, Spain
~Doing street ministry in Honduras
~Going to a live soccer game in Spain
~Horseback riding on the beaches in Costa Rica
~Flying in a glass-bottomed helicopter over the Grand Canyon
~Diving off a cliff in Portugal
~Practicing my chopstick skills in South Korea
~Riding a camel in Morocco
~Mountain biking in Spain
~Going to the “end of the world” in Portugal
~Getting free smoothies from the bar on a Caribbean cruise ship
~Celebrating the end of my teen years with a beach party in Costa Rica
~Going to a bull fight in Seville, Spain
~Building houses in Honduras
~Posing with human statues in Barcelona, Spain
~Spending time with the Lord at the top of the Sacre Coeur in Paris, France
~Finding and exploring a hidden complex of caves in Laos, Portugal
~Feeding hordes of pigeons in Seville, Spain
~Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
~Meeting a convent of nuns in Carmona, Spain
~Bartering with a very pushy Arab merchant in Rabat, Morocco
~Going to the top of Gaudí’s lovely Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
~Witnessing the oppressive luxury of the palace at Versailles
~Finding hidden space invaders in Barcelona and Paris ^_^
~Teaching beautiful little children English in the USA, Costa Rica, Spain, and South Korea

Feel free to explore the other sections of my travel pages to see where else life has taken me!